Slab Leak

Leakage from slabs is the biggest issue that people often have to deal with. A single leakage from a slab can ruin the entire look of the house and that is why people often look for the professional plumbers who can deal with this issue without further damaging the home. At Pardue Plumbing we are here to provide you the expert services that you have been looking for. Here is how we will help you if your slab is leaking.

Slab and Wall Leaks

The most common problem is when slabs of the wall start leaking. There is no homeowner who is going to neglect this type of plumbing issue. This issue is normally brought about by a leakage in drain situated behind the cemented wall. Pardue Plumbing is your best option to fix this issue.

At the point when the slab moves due to soil movement or some other activity, breaks can happen on the drainage. In the event that you have a foul smell, at that point, the leak might be from the sewer pipe. Similar to some other slab leak, its location and appropriate fix must be considered as soon as possible.

Basement Leaks

There are a lot of approaches to check if you have a basement slab leak or not. One simple way is to stroll on it without wearing shoes. When you feel some kind of warmth on the floor, there is quite a chance that you have a basement leak. But it is preferred to consult with an authorized plumbing company for its perfect detection. We are highly experienced in detection and fix of this kind of issues.

Bathroom Leaks

One of the basic signs for bathroom slab leaks is the damaged walls. The constant exposure to moisture is the main sign of leaks under the wall. As it reaches to the roof, it can droop and result in water gathering.

The ground surface may feel spongy and soft depending on the material used on it, while tiled floors can turn out to be loose because of the bond absence.

If you have noticed any kind of above-mentioned leaks in your house immediately call our experts. We will inspect the real cause of the problem and resolve it in limited time to prevent damage to your home.