Plumbing and Pool Equipment Repair

At Pardue Plumbing we also provide high quality pool equipment repair, if water runs through it we do it. We can help you keep your swimming pool running, thanks to our many years of experience working with water pumps and running into all kind of plumbing issues.

pool equipment repair

If you have a plumbing or pump problem, our staff will know what to do to get it back up and running. If you have a swimming pool or spa problem, it is always our mission to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

For over 10 years Pardue Plumbing has been helping our pool repair customers to relax and enjoy their swimming pools. A pool should be all about relaxation and having a great time with family and friends. Get in contact with us today, so we can bring back your personal resort up to speed.

Pool Leak Detection

The threat of a pool leak is scary because of the high costs both to your water bill and the repair work needed. Even minor swimming pool leaks can cause substacial problems and property damage.

pool leak detection

It is estimated that about one in every 20 swimming pools (approximately 5%) has a water leak. Amazing Leak Detection offers professional and dependable leak detection and will resolve the water loss problem from your pool, spa, or fountain. Our non-destructive detection methods will both quickly and positively find the source of the leak. After your leak has been located, we can make the necessary repairs, getting you back on the path of enjoying your swimming pool.

Signs you may have a leak:

  • Pool, spa or fountain has air in the system
  • You see cracks in the pool, spa or fountain
  • The deck of the pool is sinking or raised
  • There are wet spots around the pool area
  • You add water more than once a week

For more information and to schedule a water loss analysis, contact Pardue Plumbing today!