Expert Irrigation Services

Installing or repairing an automatic irrigation system is a complex task, that’s why is a relief to count with the experts from Pardue Plumbing. We are dedicated to you and your needs, and with many years of experience in irrigation we are the most trusted plumbing company in Northeast Texas.

irrigation system install & repair

When installing a new irrigation or sprinkler system is important to have it designed correctly. There are many things to take into consideration; pressure, room for growth, spare water allocation, and if you will be adding plants, a swimming pool or trees in the future. Our professionals at Pardue Plumbing will get to job done right!

Irrigation System Repairs and Maintenance

Irrigation systems like any other parts of your house will need maintenance and in some occasions repairs. If you think your irrigation system is causing you trouble or if your water bill suddenly soared sky high, get in contact with us to give your system a complete analysis, and get it back to a reliable and efficient condition.

Leaking and malfunctioning valves can cause excessive water bills and damage to your landscape. You can count on us to find and repair leaks and keep you from wasting water.
Don;t forget that as the weather changes, is very important to make sure your irrigation system is working properly. Components failure and expensive damage can be prevented by regular system checks. Rest assured that our team of irrigation Repair