Gas Leak

Gas leak is one of the most serious issues in a house. In case the pipe of gas in your house is broken and leaking it is important that you get out and call a professional to get it repaired as soon as possible. The reason is that excessive accumulation of gas in your house can lead to dangerous consequences. The experts at Pardue Plumbing are here to manage all types of gas leaks. Using the latest technology, we will identify the exact location of leakage and will assure to repair it in limited time. Here are some of the signs of gas leak you should be aware of.

1.            Grass and Shrubs suddenly turns brown

When gas leaks out of the pipes, it releases carbon monoxide which replaces the amount of oxygen in the space. Since oxygen is essential for grass to survive, due to which it suddenly turns into a brown shade or get rusty. This is one of the signs of gas leakage.

2.            Rotten Eggs

Without a doubt, the natural gas is odorless, but the mercaptan has been added to it so that people can identify the leakage through their smelling sense. This odor is highly similar to the smell of rotten eggs. So, if you smell something similar to rotten eggs even if there is no other source for this odor, immediately consider it a gas leakage and instantly take a notice to fix this problem.

3.            Dead houseplants

Just similar to the grass and shrubs, plants also require oxygen to survive. When there happens any gas leak in the space, it also affects the plants in the house which is the clear sign of the gas leakage.

4.            Yellow or Orange flames

While utilizing any gas appliance, you should notice the color of the flame. It should be blue. If you are seeing it yellow or orange, then it means that there is a gas leak somewhere in the house.

5.            Physical Symptoms

Gas leak also offers some physical problems. This happens because of gas poisoning. The carbon monoxide released due to the gas leak replaces the amount of oxygen in your body that causes:

•             Nausea

•             Dizziness

•             Fatigue

•             Headaches

•             Difficulty in breath

If you feel any of these symptoms and you think that these are because of the gas leak, then instantly leave the house and call 911 or any gas company because high interaction with carbon monoxide can cause death.

What to avoid if you suspect a gas leak?

In the event that you suspect there is a gas leak in your house, you should avoid some things like:

•             Turning the light on or off

•             Lighting a flame

•             Use of any appliance

•             Use of phone

•             Repairing of the leak on your own

•             Waiting inside the house for assistance

Well, consider all the above-described aspects of the gas leak. These things can be dangerous if you don’t take any proper action to fix it. So if you find any of the above-described sign, contact us because we will offer you the most reliable services in this regard. We will assure to fix the gas leakage problem in limited time to assure that you will not have to deal with any further issues.